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Under the Freedom Of Information Act, I have obtained a number of UFO related items from various agencies.  However, it should be noted that most Agencies are prepared for such a request and have a "UFO Packet" of information that is usually sent generically to anyone who makes a general UFO FOIA request.  

Under E-FOIA guidelines, issued by President Clinton, Federal Agencies are directed to make commonly requested FOIA items available electronically via the Internet.  Much is now available, but often the files are very large and difficult to download.

Some of the material that I've obtained has been included in several CD-ROMs that I've created for the Fund for UFO Research.  Other items may be of interest to researchers and for that reason I'm putting a few of them up for review. 

[ CAUTION: These .PDF files are often several megabytes in size]

Clinton White House FOIA Request

FOIA requests were sent to the White House to obtain all correspondence related to the subject of UFO while Bill Clinton was in office.  Two packets of material were received, and some of that is included below. Among the items not included here because of copyright issues is an early draft of "The Best Available Evidence", which had (at the time) not been released for general distribution.  This is not a complete collection of all UFO related FOIA material released by the Clinton Administration's White House, but provides a snapshot of the type of material submitted for consideration.

3/29/1993 diamond.pdf Letter from attorney Henry Diamond regarding a proposed meeting with Dr. Jack Gibbons
4/21/1993 rockefeller ltr.pdf Letter from Lawrence Rockefeller to Dr. Jack Gibbons following their meeting
11/12/1993 fax.pdf Fax letter from Henry Diamond requesting a second meeting
1/xx/1994 articles.pdf Articles pertaining to the late Congressman Steven Schiff's request for a probe into the Roswell incident
2/14/1994 document 5.pdf Fax letter from Jacques Vallee to Dr. Jack Gibbons
3/29/1994 fax transmittal.pdf Fax letter from Lawrence Rockefeller to Dr. Jack Gibbons
5/31/1994 scott jones.pdf Packet of material forwarded to Dr. Jack Gibbons by C.B. Scott Jones
6/1/1994 rockefeller ltr.pdf Letter from Lawrence Rockefeller to Dr. Jack Gibbons, including a forwarded letter from Melvin Laird
8/11/1994 jones.pdf Letter from C.B. Scott Jones to Dr. Jack Gibbons
8/19/1994 document 4.pdf Memo from Dr. Jack Gibbons to Lawrence Rockefeller
9/5/1994 document 6.pdf Memo of thanks from Lawrence Rockefeller to Dr. Jack Gibbons
12/2/1994 jones.pdf Second packet of material forwarded to Dr. Jack Gibbons by C.B. Scott Jones
12/13/1994 jones.pdf Letter from C.B. Scott Jones to Dr. Jack Gibbons
2/9/1995 jones.pdf Third packet of material forwarded to Dr. Jack Gibbons by C.B. Scott Jones
3/21/1995 jones.pdf Letter from C.B. Scott Jones to Dr. Jack Gibbons promoting the 1995 conference "When Cosmic Cultures Meet"
9/3/1996 mantle.pdf Letter from Philip Mantle to Dr. Jack Gibbons
10/17/1996 rockefeller.pdf A packet of material forwarded to Dr. Jack Gibbons by Lawrence Rockefeller
1/2/1997 maccabbee.pdf Letter from Bruce Maccabee to Dr. Jack Gibbons
  document 3.pdf Undated memo from Dr. Jack Gibbons to Senator Claiborne Pell (Ret.)

Congressional Research Service Report on UFOs

The UFO Enigma by Marcia Smith


Unidentified Flying Objects had been a subject of concern for more than two decades, and in 1977 Marcia Smith of the Congressional Research Service prepared a report on UFOs, which was later updated in 1983.  A scan of that updated report is being made available here in Adobe .PDF format:

CRS Report Cover
Report Abstract
Table of Contents
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5
Section 6
Report Summary
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E

Project Blue Book Unknowns
by Don Berliner

Project Blue book was primarily a public relations effort of the U.S. Air Force to handle the inquiries of the public and press regarding "UFOs".  However, for most of the public it was the official investigative body they could turn to for answers, and Project Blue Book in turn was eager to supply "rational" explanations whenever possible.  Solutions to unknown sightings were quickly disseminated to the public and press, but those sightings that could not be so easily explained weren't the subject of Press Releases and Photo Opportunitys.

Don Berliner visited the archives where Project Blue Books files were retained, and compiled a report on those sightings that Blue Book never resolved.  It has been found on a few web sites in one form or another, and is being presented here in PDF format:

Blue Book Unknowns

USAF Conference on Aerial Phenomena
February 16, 1949

Dr Lincoln Lapaz was an astronomer from the University of New Mexico. He was used as a consultant in 1949 when the Air Force were conducting investigations into the many 'green fireball' reports.  In February of 1949 a Conference on the subject was held, and a proceedings report was issued.  This particular copy is difficult to read in sections, because of the many generations of copies.  It is being presented in the form in which is was obtained.

1949 "Green Fireball" Conference Report

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