Raw MicroFilm Images

This is a collection of raw images from microfilm, presented for information and research purposes..

These are being presented in no particular order, and visitors are invited to review them. This site is being presented to make the information available, and while the images may be downloaded and collected locally, this would be a massive effort and I will provide a copy of any collection on DVD for small fee if that's desired. Funds raised through this process will help to fund future digital conversions of additional microfilm reels, allowing me to then make them available here.

Please contact me at steve@konsulting.com for more information.

Canadian UFO Files

This 16mm microfilm contains 934 pages of data that was part of an official Canadian Government release of data. More details will be added as they become available.

Varied UFO

This is 35mm reel of data was created in 1967 at the request of Sgt. Jones; but beyond that, little can be determined. It contains a 1,127 pages of data files from various sources (as the title implies).

APRO Reel 1

The initial collection being presented involves a reel of data from the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), and has their files through 1956. This collection has been seen by few, since the original files owned by APRO have been unavailable to researchers for decades. Additional reels of APRO data have been rumored, and with this reel labeled as Reel 1, it begs the question of where to find Reel 2.


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Data can be lost to future researchers if it's stored in a format that is difficult to access. Unfortunately, it will take someone with dedication to review them and notate any nuggets of data they find. If this proves to be of service, I'll pursue expansion of the collection. Feedback is encouraged and thanks for the visit. steve@konsulting.com

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